Bronwyn Lovell


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Poems available online:

  Verity La: Shop girl
  Stilts: Scarlet Planet
 Swamp: The Sum of Us
  FTP Magazine
The Pawn
Writ Review: 
  Strange Horizons: Challenger
 ZineWest: Western Sydney Grass
 Talking in the Library: Caterpillar
 Eureka Street: Flight of the Falling
 Writ Review: Running into Your Ex
  AP Poems 2013: No Last Goodbyes
  MIPP Longlist Anthology: Tsunami
 Cordite Poetry Review: Phoning home
  Melbourne Poetry Map: The Ferry Stop
 Mascara Literary Review: Working girl
 Australian Love Poems: Sunday Evening
 INFusion 47: Phylogeny; Mending; Recipe
 Cordite Poetry Review: How to Love Bronwyn
 Dimitri Troaditis translation: Chrysalis (Greek)
 Mountain Seas Arts Residency: Chrysalis (video)
 Adrien Abbott Prize: Astrophysics (animated video)
 Leaves Literary Journal: Instars; Wanderer; Pairing
 Cordite Poetry Review: Quietly, on the way to Mars
 Montreal International Poetry Prize: Tsunami (audio)
 SECS Environmental Poetry Competition: New Zealand
 Southerly Journal: Prayer for the girl who is not a feminist
  The Wheeler Centre: Launch day; We chose to go; Skylink; See no evil
Meniscus Literary Journal: 
Doppler Shift; there will be missed-beat moments