Bronwyn Lovell


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Your beautiful book arrived on Friday and I have spent the weekend reading it. I have never seen such a handcrafted piece of magic – thank you so much. Your poems are too lovely; such a wonderful celebration of the natural world.

~ Phillip Hall, 2015

I met you at the Phillip Island WWAM event. I enjoyed your poetry so much I purchased a copy of ‘Chrysalis’ for my daughter. I am writing to say how much I appreciated your work and honesty. Keep up the wonderful writing.

~ Lorrie Read, 2014

Bronwyn is magnificent—the beating heart of Melbourne poetry!

~ Kirsti Whalen, 2014

The poems fluttered into the air on Bronwyn’s gentle tones. From the very beginning we sat mesmerised as we were softly lifted to another world—a world of beauty and wonder, where the unfolding of a butterfly became a metaphor for the human experience. At the conclusion we sat in quiet contemplation until someone realised we had come to the end of our journey and began the sincere applause.

~ Tamara Lampard, 2014

Your poems and delivery were both amazing. Some poems even brought my friends and I to tears from being so overwhelmed by your words.

~ Amy Ruth Gibbs, 2014

Bronwyn Lovell is a rising star in Australian poetry, shortlisted for the Newcastle Poetry Prize in 2013 and a standout at the Bendigo Writers’ Festival last year—a fine poet and great performer.

~ Ross Donlon, 2014

I heard you speak at the Australian Youth Humanities Forum and Wow!!! Your whole speech was so beautifully written and presented and I fell in love with your words within the first few sentences. In fact would have listened to you speak forever. Thank you sincerely for coming and sharing your story with us. You completely inspired me to pursue my love of words and made me realise that even for a minority style of writing like poetry, there is a future!

~ Matilda Bell-Wilcock, 2014

Charming poet Bronwyn Lovell spoke of losing her soul on Swanston Street and used what one audience member called ‘painstaking honesty’. What do we love about Lovell? We love the subtle urgency that flutters off her tongue and the way she stands up there and bares her soul.

~ Mia Wotherspoon, 2013

It felt as if we were sitting in her kitchen and having a cuppa while she retraced her memories and personal experiences and retold them to us in a gorgeous storybook-like style.

~ Christa Jonathan, 2011

She dazzled the crowd, starting with a poem about her gift to the audience through words and emotions, and her gift was well received, with all eyes focused and breaths held.

~ Flo Devereux, 2011

Her imagery is rich and her language delightful. Bronwyn, in her performance, strikes all the right notes between pathos and irony—able to laugh at her impulsive loves, and in the next line evoke the grief of losing a relative.

~ James, Mudfest reviewer, 2011

Especially lovely was the reaction of the public to this piece—one lady shushed her friends and didn’t get off the tram because she wanted to hear the poetry. So that says it all really, this performance captured the tram itself and all of the characters real and imagined that were aboard. A captivating joy.

~ Tilly Lunken, 2011

I wanted to thank you for your words, and the heart behind them…. Your poetry has inspired me to stay passionate and to not grow complacent. Thank you for the inspiration, it was truly moving.

~ Tekitah Falkenberg, 2010

Bronwyn is one of the brightest young things in the poetry scene.

~ Steve Smart, 2010